Thank you!

You are officially AWESOME!  We can't thank you enough for supporting us in this journey; endeavor; craziness. As a token of our appreciation we'd like to let you know a little bit about us.

Matt and Joe first met in the late 90's while playing for Seattle-based band. Unsatisfied with the lack of creative expression, Matt broke off from the band and started his own band. Joe eventually quit the previous band and joined up with Matt to form the beginnings of what would be a lasting relationship, under the band title of Circadian Rhythms.

​Circadian Rhythms released a few single albums and was active around the Seattle area for a few years before Matt and Joe went their separate ways.

Since then, Matt has traveled the world as an independent musician and entrepreneur. Joe has moved abroad and continued playing drums for a variety of projects.

​Upon settling down, in late 2017 Matt and Joe started a conversation around starting a new music project (Seijaku) that would be like nothing we've done, with two things in mind: no creative boundaries, and let it all out.

​Our vision is clear, the ideas are flowing, and we are excited for what is to come. More importantly, we are excited for you to hear what we've created.

​Why the Japanese element? Well, Joe and Matt have spent a tremendous amount of time in East Asia and have grown an affinity for the cultures, art and languages, particularly Japan.

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